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Two ISS-launched Nano-Satellite News Stories

ISS2On February 4th, 2014, reported that astronauts aboard the ISS will start launching 33 cubesats from the ISS on Thursday (Feb 6th, 2014) now that a launcher has been installed. Michael Johnson, NanoRacks chief technology officer, said this may be a “world-record deployment.” Most of these satellites belong to Planet Labs as part of its Flock 1 constellation of Earth-observing spacecraft. According to the article, Johnson stressed that the launches pose no “collision risk” to the station because of how the satellites will be deployed. See the full article at:

On Feb 5, 2014 Meghan Neal at Motherboard writes on the Outernet project, which aims to beam “‘high-quality’ news and educational content” free of charge to everyone on Earth through a constellation of nanosatellites. Neal notes there is a large amount of skepticism over how the project would be funded, how the content would be selected, and whether other agencies would allow this “rogue alt-internet” to go forward. Neal comments that despite these doubts, the “pie-in-the-sky technoutopian vision” has a “very optimistic timeframe” that includes testing aboard the ISS this September. Neal adds that the team has already requested time at the ISS but did not mention the status of the request. See the full article at:

Thanks to Scott Burleigh from JPL for bringing this to our attention.


CubeSat deployment as seen from the ISS

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