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Speaker Presentation Materials 2015

Here are the speakers’ presentations from last week’s IPN conference in Washington, DC:

Brett Willman (NASA): “DTN deployments on the International Space Station”  Coming soon…

Donald Cornwell (NASA): “NASA’s Advanced Communications Program and the Opportunities for DTN” NASA’s Advanced Comm Program and Opportunities for DTN pt1NASA’s Advanced Comm Program and Opportunities for DTN pt2NASA’s Advanced Comm Program and Opportunities for DTN pt3

David Israel (NASA): “A DTN-Enabled Near Earth Architecture” IPNSIG 2015 Dave Israel v2

Scott Burleigh (NASA/JPL): “What’s New in ION?” What’s new in ION

Keith Scott (Area Director, CCSDS: “DTN networking protocols being standardized for space communication as part of the Solar System Internet” IPNSIG Presentation — DTN for CCSDS – v3

Fred Templin (Boeing): “Demonstration of the delay-tolerant public key infrastructure system” IPNSIG DTN Security Key Management

Dr. Scott Pace (Director, the Space Policy Institute, George Washington University): “US Space Policy Choices” IPN ISOC Talk 18 May 2015 Pace no backups or video

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