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ESA-OPSAT Experiment Concluded

We have some exciting news for our members and the general public.

Recently, IPNSIG PWG members participated in an experiment by D3TN GmbH, transmitting data to and from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) OPS-SAT satellite. Main participants: D3TN, Spatiam Corporation and members of IPNSIG Pilot Projects Working Group Alberto Montilla Ochoa (Spatiam Corporation), Juan Fraire (D3TN) and Larissa Suzuki (Google) under the leadership of IPNSIG Board Members Oscar Garcia, Vint Cerf and Alberto Montilla.

The intent was 1) to demonstrate in-space interoperability of D3TN’s µD3TN and JPL/NASA’s ION Bundle Protocol version 7 (BPv7) implementations; and 2) to perform a demonstration of computer vision-enabled identification of objects through a DTN link connecting a cold spot and a hot spot via the DTN-enabled satellite.

The results of the experiment are encouraging – all prepared tests could be completed successfully and even some “stretch goals” could be reached: Overall, interopability of µD3TN and ION was shown, multi-pass forwarding of data worked out, bundle fragmentation and reassembly with several hundred fragments transferred over the space link could be performed successfully and fully-automated (scheduled) testing was possible as well.

Fairly soon, this announcement will be followed up with a more detailed explanation of the experiment, including why we think it is important, provided by Oscar Garcia. In the meantime, you can check out D3TN’s blog entry about the experiment:

Many thanks to the individuals mentioned above and to IPNSIG members Juan Fraire and Marius Feldmann (both of D3TN), for their contributions toward this significant endeavor. This effort involved global collaborators, many of whom are based in Europe (D3TN is a German company, Lara Suzuki is based in London).

Stay tuned!

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