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We are all about realizing the dream of interplanetary exploration. Effective space data communications systems are critical to that make that effort succeed—just as important as the spacecraft that deliver the instruments or humans into space.

  • We hope to engage, educate and excite the general public about the prime importance of increased funding for further research and testing and increased international collaboration in the development of a complete suite of protocols for IPN.  This website is a first step in that direction: providing non-specialists with easy-to-understand explanations of what IPN is and how it works.
  • We also want to engage, educate and excite students about the importance of IPN research, and its relevance for both interplanetary and terrestrial data communications in constrained network environments. We are already partnering with Campus Party, the premier technology-oriented organization for young people, with almost 400,000 members globally, to promote IPN at their first Campus Party event in the US—Campus Party Silicon Valley, scheduled for June, 2014.
    • We are working with DTN Subject Matter Experts to make available a testbed environment for the development of DTN applications. We will make that environment available to students globally.
    • We are also working with global DTN experts to expand current SDK’s to include support for the Android operating system.
    • These critical networking and application infrastructure elements will enable us to conduct regional, national, or global DTN application development competitions, driving interest in DTN, and creating a critical mass of useful DTN applications and useful validation of DTN protocols.
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