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These annotated links are presented here through the kind permission of Stephen Farrell. We will be working to update this repository with more recent DTN documentation of interest to our members and readers over the next several months.


What documents can I look at?

The documents below bring together the driving issues, design, and some elements of the implementation of the DTN prototype (see code availability below). The DTNRG is basing its architecture on a generalization of the work carried out by the previous IRTF Interplanetary Internet Research Group, and the Interplanetary Internet Special Interest Group (part of the Internet Society) before that. As such, a few of the documents below were created with a particular attention to the space context rather than the more generalized DTN context. Most of those appear in the “archived documents” section, below.


  1. 1 What documents can I look at?
  2. 2 RFCs and Internet Drafts
  3. 3 Papers referencing DTN in some way
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  4. 4 Tutorials
  5. 5 Presentations
  6. 6 References to the Implementation
  7. 7 Organizational Documents
  8. 8 Archived Documents
  9. 9 Projects using the DTN reference implementation
  10. 10 Other Related Materials
  11. 11 Related press releases


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RFCs and Internet Drafts

There is an up-to-date list of internet-drafts.

A preliminary list of assigned names and numbers for DTN protocols is available.

Early internet-drafts showing development from interplanetary internet to DTN:

Papers referencing DTN in some way


  • Nabil Benamar, Kamal D. Singh, Maria Benamar, Driss El Ouadghiri, Jean-Marie Bonnin, “Routing protocols in Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks: A comprehensive survey,” Computer Communications 48 (2014) 141–158, doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2014.03.024




  • C. Caini, R. Firrincieli, “DTN and satellite communications”, in “Delay Tolerant Networks: Protocols and Applications”, Ed. A.Vasilakos, Y. Zhang, T. Spyropoulos, pp.283-pp.318, CRC press, Nov. 2011, New York.












    • S. Keshav (U Waterloo),

Tetherless Computing Research Update

    • Hans-Werner Braun (SDSC/NLANR/UCSD),

HPWREN – Overview/Firefighting (large file: 40MB)

Routing in a DTN (to be presented at SIGCOMM 04)

    • M. Demmer (UCB),

DTN Reference Implementation Update

    • A. Parker et al (UCLA),

UCLA DTN Sensor Networks Update

    • S. Burleigh (JPL), H. Kruse (Ohio U), S. Farrell (Trinity College),

LTP: An Overview

    • J. Ott (Uni-Bremen),

Drive-Thru Internet

References to the Implementation

Organizational Documents

Archived Documents

Projects using the DTN reference implementation

Other Related Materials

DTN-Lite: DTN on Constrained Devices

Class on DTN

Related press releases


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