Reminder: IPNSIG Academy event coming soon

Reminder: IPNSIG Academy Keynote Coming Soon!

Title:  100+ Years vision toward a Solar System Internet

Date:  May 18th, 17:00 – 17:45  U.S. Eastern Time

Moderated by Vint Cerf and presented by Yosuke Kaneko, topics will include:

•         Objectives and goals of IPNSIG Academy

•         The IPNSIG vision and mission

•         100+ years vision toward a common SSI architecture

•         Key properties that would promote the development and evolution of an SSI

•         Future IPNSIG Academy events

This event will be conducted virtually and is open to IPNSIG members and guests. You must register to attend.

Please complete your registration by filling out the form here.  Once you complete your registration process, an invitation will be sent to you via email with zoom links and other logistics for this event.