June Newsletter

IPNSIG, Inc. has formally been approved as a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation. This means that parties wishing to donate to IPNSIG in the United States may claim their donation as a charitable contribution. We have been working on this for quite some time, and it is gratifying to finally achieve this milestone.


Many thanks to the Board members who have contributed their comments and suggestions to the corporation formation documents and By-laws. A copy of the IRS Letter of Determination can be found here.

Our other big announcement this month is that we have formally achieved Chapter status with the Internet Society. This relationship is mutually beneficial, and our goals align very well. While we will be known as the Interplanetary Chapter, we will retain the domain name ipnsig.org because many external subject matter experts have become used to looking to ipnsig.org  over the last twenty years or so. We chose to incorporate as IPNSIG, Inc. merely because we started that process well before the Chapter Formation process concluded (and because it was a lot terser than “The Interplanetary Chapter of the Internet Society”).


Many thanks to IPNSIG Board Members who contributed their time and effort in generating and editing the documentation to submit to ISOC, and many thanks to the Chapter-Support team for their inputs into the final work products submitted to the Internet Society.