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IPNSIG Academy Keynote: Enabling Space Exploration by Using AI to Improve Data Communication

Presenter: Larissa Suzuki, Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google/Moderator: Vint Cerf

You are invited to another Interplanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) Academy Keynote event!

Traditionally, space data processing and exploitation occurs through ground systems when satellites are overhead to download the data. That takes time, which we may not have, particularly with constellations with hundreds of spacecraft data to process or which require the application of AI on vast amounts of data. This talk will discuss the application of AI to aid space exploration while increasing space link efficiency, utilization and robustness by enabling more reliable and efficient data transmissions resulting in more usable bandwidth.

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Date: September 7, 2022

Time: 1700 – 1800 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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