IPNSIG Academy December Webinar Summary

IPNSIG Academy December Webinar Summary

The envisioned Interplanetary Internet (IPN) would represent an engineering feat as ambitious as it is complex.Proliferating telecommunications infrastructure throughout our solar system promises to reinvent space exploration just as the terrestrial internet reinvented how we interact as a society. We have taken an important first step on the journey to making this feat a reality, with the definition of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) as an architecture for deep-space networks. Our next steps over years and decades will be to refine and implement this work in both our terrestrial and celestial neighborhoods.

We undertake this astronomical endeavor heartened by what we can engineer today.There have been incredible advancements in both spacecraft engineering and terrestrial networking technologies. These domains have vibrant, successful industry, government, and academic components that steadily evolve our national and societal capabilities. Looking back at over 40 years of innovation for inspiration, the power of standards emerges as a common strength. Agreeing on features, protocols, operations, and governance allows bright industrious minds from across the globe to build diverse and resilient systems. To build an IPN is to standardize its important functions.

This talk introduces the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an important standards body working to enable our IPN vision. This talk begins by discussing how the evolution of the terrestrial internet benefits not just deep-space systems but also a variety of system closer to home. Then, a short overview of the IETF (in general) and the DTN working group (in particular) is provided. This includes discussion on how to stay up to date with the working group and how to contribute to this important work. Finally, this talk discusses other activities being discussed in the IETF, such as time-variant routing.

The December IPNSIG Academy Keynote is approaching fast! Edward J. Birrane (Chief Engineer Space Constellation Networking Space Exploration Sector, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) will be presenting an overview of the IETF Standardization Efforts

Date: December 7, 2022

Time: 1700 – 1800 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The webinar is free, but you must register to attend. Register here.