2023 New Year Message

2023 New year message from Kaneko


Happy New year to you all.

2022 has been a remarkable Year of milestones for us – we became the first Space Chapter within ISOC and launched new Working Groups to explore Architecture and Governance of the Solar System Internet (SSI). We also setup the IPNSIG Academy to offer a learning venue sharing our 100 year vision and introducing attendees to the key technologies organizations developing, testing and standardizing Delay & Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN). Finally, recently we surpassed 900+ members!

There is so much energy and passion within our group. Let’s keep it going in 2023!

This year, I envision 3 areas to work towards:

No.1 Publicize the work of the Architecture and Governance Working Group more broadly; and more particularly, communicating it to the broader international community.

No.2 Promote Pilot Projects to refine the DTN/BP technology and work towards implementing it in both real space projects and terrestrial applications.

No.3 Enhance the IPNSIG Academy (more details to come later) to provide more direct engagement for educators and students. Our commitment to engaging younger generations to the vision and opportunity of the Solar System Internet continues!

I believe that demonstrating humanity’s ability to collaborate successfully in Space will give hope that many issues confronting mankind on Earth can also be overcome through global collaboration. As the Interplanetary Chapter, I would like us all to work toward an accessible, open and trustworthy SSI that benefits humanity. We can do that by sharing our vision and the value it creates and even directly contribute to the development & evolution of the SSI.

One final note: we want IPNSIG to be an organization that respects and values inputs from everyone. We want to make sure that all of our communications reflect that. As members of the Internet Society (remember that IPNSIG is also the Interplanetary Chapter of the Internet Society) we are all bound to comply with ISOC’s Code of Conduct for members. They can be found here:

             2019 Document (This was specifically intended to address discussion group behavior)

 2003 Document (This earlier, more comprehensive document is broader in scope, covering all communications)

 ISOC informs us that they are in the process of consolidating the two documents into one CoC version, but for the time being, both are in effect. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourselves with these expectations.

Wishing everybody a peaceful, happy, healthy, and successful 2023.


IPNSIG President