January 2023 Newsletter

On January 9, 2023, the IPNSIG Board voted to
launch the IPNSIG Academy Working Group. Laura Chappell will head this new
working group as it focuses on two goals: continue supporting the monthly
IPNSIG Academy Keynotes and building an Essentials of Interplanetary
 course. Ms. Chappell is the Founder of Chappell
University, a best-selling author, a highly-respected presenter, the creator of
the WCNA Certification Program, and a member of the IPNSIG Technical
Documentation, IPNSIG Outreach, IPNSIG Architecture, and Governance Working
Groups. Ms. Chappell is also Vice President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of
the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.


The Essentials of Interplanetary Internetworking
course will be designed to inspire and educate a broad audience on space
communication technologies, policies, and governance issues. The curriculum
will be designed to promote interest and expertise in developing the
interplanetary Internet and complement the existing IPNSIG Academy Keynote


For more information on the IPNSIG Academy
Working Group, the Essentials of Interplanetary Internetworking course, or the
IPNSIG Academy Keynote series, please visit ipnsig.org or email
us at