Announcements for April, 2023

Important Announcements for April

1)     The IPNSIG Academy presentation, “Architecture and Governance of IPN Conference”, originally planned for April has been postponed to no earlier than May 5th, 2023.

2)     IPNSIG member Juan Fraire submitted the winning proposal and demonstration video illustrating our 100 year vision for a Solar System Internet. He will be working with Board members to refine the concept of the video and agree upon any finishing elements to be added. Thanks much to Juan for this work product. The video will be published when completed and reviewed
by the full Board.

3)     We want to draw your attention to a video of a conference presented by the Universities Space Research Association and the
Space Policy Institute of George Washington University. The theme of the conference was “Cis-Lunar Space: Research for Today, Training for Tomorrow”. It included sections presented by NASA, private industry and academia. Our own Vint Cerf participated in a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for commercialization of cis-lunar space. His presentation focused on the complexities of the policy, jurisdiction and governance space for the Solar System Internet. Vint’s talk starts at 3:34:00 in the video.     We found this to be a pretty comprehensive look at NASA’s plans for space exploration and exploitation of cis-lunar space with ties to Martian exploration. The work underway and being planned by the space industry was really encouraging. Very engaging stuff, and worth a look. The video can be found at: