Election Update & Event of Interest

Election Update & Upcoming Event of Interest

Election Update

We’ve received submissions from six potential candidates. We are working to coordinate schedules and set up vetting interviews next week. After the vetting interviews complete, an election page will go up on the website, with photographs and summaries from the candidates about their backgrounds and how they plan to contribute to the Interplanetary Chapter/IPNSIG’s mission.

MadQCI in World Quantum Day

This web conference will focus upon the Madrid Quantum Computing Infrastructure (MadQCI) program is part of the European Quantum Computing Infrastructure Initiative (EuroQCI).

MadQCI is the largest Quantum Network in Europe ever.  Real world network installed in production facilities. It is part of an integrated satellite and terrestrial system spanning the whole of Europe for ultra-secure exchange of cryptographic keys (Quantum Key Distribution—QKD), as part of a secure space connectivity system. Quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) is part of the European Cybersecurity Strategy

Madrid Quantum Network: The OpenQKD project

•              Considered the “EuroQCI Ramp up”

•              European Open QKD Network

•              Testbeds to demonstrate the feasibility and maturity of Quantum Communications technologies.

The webinar will start April 21st at 0900 Eastern Daylight Time (US/Canada). Register for the webinar here: https://upm.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZItd-ytqzgrGddaDRN7fXNwmuVZFUJyUyIG#/registration