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We want to thank these folks…

We want to recognize some key individuals and organizations who have been of great assistance to us. All of the below have donated either many hours of service or significant dollars in revitalizing IPNSIG and furthering the cause of Interplanetary Networking.

Vint Cerf

First, we would like to thank our Chairperson, Vint Cerf, for offering his leadership, guidance and encouragement as we’ve completed our first stages of revitalizing IPNSIG. He’s contributed significant amounts of his own money towards redesigning our website and updating current and future content. Additionally, he contributed significantly towards our DTN application competition. Thanks so much Vint!






Secondly, we’d like to thank the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Internet Society for lending us the use of their members to work on our behalf. They are acting as a bridge between IPNSIG and the Internet Society while working diligently on our behalf. In fact, our Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer are both members of SF Bay ISOC’s Board. All of the members of the extended IPN project team are also SF Bay ISOC members.


Forrest Warthman, Principal and Owner of Warthman Associates, a technical writing firm in Palo Alto, California, donated many, many hours of his time: interviewing Subject Matter Experts; revising, revising, revising, and then honing a completely updated technical “DTN Tutorial 2.0″ (which you can obtain from our website). He also edited that content to create a “DTN Primer” for a less-technical audience.


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