Election Rules and Timeline for the

2023 Internet Society Interplanetary Chapter Online Election

 The rules for the 2023 IPNSIG/Interplanetary Chapter Online Election are below. A timeline is available at: https://ipnsig.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/ElectionTimeline-final.pdf

1)    Introduction

 The goal of this election is to select two new Board Members to replace two those who were removed from office in 2021 for non-performance.

2) Scope 

These rules cover eligibility, procedures and dispute resolution for the Interplanetary Chapter Online Election  

3) Positions

This election will result in the addition of two Board members to the existing Board of seven members. The By-laws allow for a maximum Board size of nine members.

4) Eligibility

a) In order to vote in these elections, a person must:Be a member of the Interplanetary Chapter of the Internet Society as of March 24th, 2023.

b) Persons who stand for any of the positions mentioned under Section 3) Positions above must:

Be a member of the Interplanetary Chapter of the Internet Society as of March 24th, 2023.

Commit to engaging in Board discussions and meetings.

Commit to furthering the work of the Chapter toward realizing the expansion of the Internet into space for the good of humanity.

Be reviewed and approved by the Nominating Committee.

5) Procedure

a)     The Election will be conducted fully online.

b)     A Nominating Committee will be formed comprised of the current Board, plus two Chapter members who are not Board members.

c)      The Nominating Committee will announce the election timeline on approval of these draft rules.

d)     The Nominating Committee will send out an invitation for members to express their interest in standing for Board Member election. Candidates will need to submit a resume’and references. The Nominating Committee may elect to have vetting interviews with any candidate.

e)     The Nominating Committee will publish a list of validated candidates at the close of the nomination period. Any person who will have sent a nomination but does not appear in the
list of nominated candidates will be informed by the Nominating Committee 48 hours in advance of the publication of the nomination list.

f)       The ISOC Global Chapter Support Team will configure the Online Voting Tool according to a list of open positions and approved candidates.

g)     An invitation to vote will be sent out to all members by the ISOC Global Chapter Support team (according to a list of the Interplanetary Chapter’s members on March 24th,
2023, in the Internet Society Chapter Portal (AMS)). Members will be asked to vote for one candidate. The candidates receiving the two highest vote totals will be the winners of the election.

h)     Multiple reminders (At least 2) to vote will be sent during the online voting period.

i)       A final reminder will be sent 24 hours before the end of the online voting period.

j)       The online voting will automatically close at the day and time approved by the Board (2359 hours Pacific on May 5th, 2023).

k)     The ISOC staff (Chapter Support Team) will share the results (24 hours after the end of online voting) directly with Board members.

l)       The Nominating Committee will verify the results and publish the election results within 24 hours of receiving them to the entire chapter membership.

m)    The elected Board Members will take office immediately. The expanded Board will meet within two weeks of the election to welcome the new Board Members and discuss roles and responsibilities. If necessary, the Board will vote to establish new Officer responsibilities.

n)     Dispute resolution

a)   Members may register any complaint with the Nominating Committee at any time in the process by sending an e-mail to elections@ipnsig.org

b)     If any member believes that a standing candidate or voter is not eligible according to Section 4 of these Rules, or during the election process has violated the
Internet Society Code of Conduct, they may present an appeal to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee has final discretion over the consideration
of such appeals, including dismissal, and has the authority to disqualify a voter or candidate.

c)      The Nominating Committee will rely on Internet Society Membership portal to resolve disputes on the vote/candidate membership to the Chapter.

o) Report

a)     The Secretary will prepare a report to be formally presented to members and the Board on completion of the election.