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2014 – Space Technology Innovations

David Brin presenting at the IPN event at Google HQ

David Brin presenting at the IPN event at Google HQ

Videos of presentations from our January, 2014, Space Technology Innovations conference at Google HQ are available on YouTube

Many people have been asking for speaker presentation materials. Here they are below in PDF format  (in chronological order of presentation).

Vint Cerf:


Brett Willman (NASA JSL Manager), Suzanne Davidson (Boeing ISS DTN Lead):

International Space Station (ISS) and Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking

Dave Israel and Don Cornwell (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center):

Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration: Disruption Tolerant Networking Demonstrations over LLCD’s Optical Links

Maria Uden (Luleå Technical University, Sweden):

Terrestrial uses for space technology: Why DTN can support cultural diversity

Scott Burleigh (DTN Architect):

Ring Road: User Applications on a High Latency Network

Fred Mednick (Teachers Without Borders) & Ross Stein (USGS and GEM Foundation):

Girls’ Quake Science and Safety Initiative (this is a link to Fred’s Google Docs version of his presentation)

Mike Cassidy (Program Manager, Google X Lab):

Project Loon

Jörg Ott (Teemu Kärkkäinen, Finland)

Liberouter: Towards Do-It-Yourself Networking

Chris Carberry (

When will Humans Land on Mars?

David Brin (Physicist, SF Writer, Futurist):

Destiny in Space

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