IPNSIG Promotional Video Announcement

IPNSIG Promotional Video  Announcement of Opportunity


IPNSIG is looking for a graphic designer willing to help us make a
short  100-year Interplanetary Network Vision promotion video.   The
video will be used to communicate with our external stakeholders and amongst
ourselves to showcase our long-term mission and vision for interplanetary


Video proposals welcome from all IPNSIG members (and also from
non-members). Through the selection process described below, IPNSIG will award $2K
to the designer who most successfully
delivers the video product.  Note that if you are chosen, you will work
closely with the board so that the video best aligns with the brand and vision


Here, you will find a conceptual overview of what we are looking
for. We hope to see many proposals from all of you. If you have any questions
about the concept or the process, please send a note to


    By November 30, 2022 : Participants will document their
previous work or experience and also provide a short “sample video”
for board review.  Please send your entries to

    By December 16, 2022 : Board will select the winning entry amongst those submitted

    By End of February, 2023 (target) : Winner produces full-length video with feedback from the board    

    By End of April, 2023 (target) :  Board approval of full-length video. 

    Cash award will be provided to the winner upon board approval. 

 Kaneko, IPNSIG President

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